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Giving everyone a beautiful memorial piece in the form of a wedding painting, so there is always something special to look at that makes you remember this perfect day.

Lucy Walker &

Justin Nieland

Hi, welcome to Wedding Paintings. Our names are Lucy Walker and Justin Nieland and we are the proud founders of Wedding Paintings. Being transparent to our customers is very important to us, that is why we want to introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about our history.


Lucy Walker

My name is Lucy Walker, I live in Scotland and I have always loved art. Art has helped me through tough times and has therefore truly become my passion. For along time my goal has been to find a way I can also help others with art. That is why Wedding Paintings is so special to me. I can offer something that will make people happy, and that makes me happy too! 


Justin Nieland

My name is Justin Nieland, I live in Holland and have always been ambitious to create something new and helpfull. I first started my own marketing agency but Lucy has made me completely fall in love with art. Even though I am not as good as her (I tried), I still wanted to find a way we could use art and my experience to create something unique and meaningfull. We came up with Wedding Paintings and created a business structure that perfectly fits both our strenghts. I hope we can make alot of people satisfied with our work and turn their special day into a special Wedding Painting.

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