A unique WEDDING GIFT for after lockdown!

Updated: Jul 1

Thousands of weddings have been postponed due to the current corona outbreak. Luckily the rules for weddings have been getting more flexible and there is a good chance that soon, weddings can go on again. Although this is fantastic news, it brings up that one question that everyone who is attending a wedding has.. what wedding gift should I buy?

There are maybe some ideas running through your mind right now. A coffee maker, cookbook, bottle of wine, blender or maybe a pillow with their names on it. These are all nice gifts but if you are looking for something truly unique, that is personalised and will 100% stand out, then a handmade Wedding Painting is your best choice.

Capture their beautiful moment in a special way by sending us their favorite wedding photo. We will then use this photo as a reference and make a handmade painting of it. This will give the happily maried couple something that will always help them remember this day.

Click here for more information about getting a Wedding Painting made.

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